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Ages 18+

Welcome to The Feast of Fools

The Feast of Fools is was a popular festival in the 13th century, particularly in France. At the festival, a Mock Pope and a Mock Bishop were elected from the lowest ranking clergy. These would be The Lord of Misrule and the Page of Misrule. These new false religious figures would conduct parodies of morality plays and satirize Christian rituals. The Feast of Fools would be officially outlawed by the Council of Basil in 1431, but despite the fines and punishments, the festival continued in secret. 

Now, in the 21st century, The Feast of Fools continues as an underground pranking event. Every year, a Lord of Misrule is selected to execute an epic April Fools joke. This year, The Lord of Misrule has established a fake “illuminati” organization called The Judas Society and has invited some wealthy elites to join.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to attend the Feast of Fools as a member of The Judas Society. Wear dark robes, masquerade, whatever weird "eyes wide shut" thing you want. We really have to sell it for these rich f*cks.  Just don't get naked.

No ticket is required, just show up.

One of our marks is Revered J. Matthew Kim. He's a wealthy televangelist, but his real money comes from the private prisons he owns. He's brought some of his influential friends with him. For his ritual "initiation" into our bogus illuminati, he's decided to perform The Great Passion Play. As in, the crucifixion of Jesus. 

Of course, we'll be making some "creative adjustments" to the Reverend's passion play. We'll have a list of 69 different changes you can make to the show. You can select the one you want from the "menu of foolishness" that will be provided to you. Then, you can donate to the Alternative Arts and Music Program (AAMP) between acts to make it happen. Donations will be used for educational programming for artists in underserved communities.

How will we make sure they meet our demands? We'll, the Lord and Page of Misrule have collected blackmail on each of these "initiates." They'll have to commit to the passion play, and they'll do it the way we say, or they'll lose everything.


Meet The Team



J. Matthew Kim

tithing baby.png

Sucker #1

The Reverend was an easy mark. In fact, you could say he inspired the whole prank. He's a popular televangelist, but most of his money comes from Gehenna Corrections, a for-profit prison company. 

His PR team presents Gehenna as a place for people to get "morally reformed" but I know some people on the inside. Gehenna Corrections has only one objective. To turn a profit. Something's got The Reverend spooked, though. He's come to the Judas Society looking for even more power and he's desperate to get it.





Sucker #2

Brixleigh is a self made nepotism case who started her own company with her parent's money. She is the CEO and Owner of BRIX apparel, yeah, that one. If you haven't heard about it, I'm sure one of your old high school friends will tell you about it and ask if you'd like to be your own boss. 

It might look like BRIX sells athleisure wear, but what they really sell are BRIX Masons sales kits. It's a pyramid scheme, and Brixleigh sits at the top. The Reverend roped her into The Judas Society because BRIX is at its limit and can no longer expand.


Sherrie Hightower


Sucker #3

You know her, you hate her, it's Sherrie Hightower. Her cable "news" show, View from Hightower has been the most watched program on television. 

Sherrie's strategy is to be intentionally inflammatory to generate engagement through fear and rage. Bigotry masked as "good Christian values." 

It seems Sherrie wants to join The Judas Society to advance her career. Strange, considering she is the #1 conservative news pundit in America.


Steven Moore


Sucker #4

Steven Moore is a self-help "guru" and bestselling author. His real business, though, is his troubled teen rehab business: Uplyft 4 YOUth (yes, it's really spelled that way). 

Uplyft bills itself as a wilderness retreat designed to help teens become productive members of society. It's more like a prison parents can throw their kids in when they don't want to deal with them.

Uplyft boasts a 100% success rate for kids who complete the rigorous program. What that program actually is... seems to vary by bank account.  Steven seems to want to join the Judas Society to live up to his father's expecatations.


Mark Bestor


Sucker #5

You either know Mark Bestor, or you're over the age of 25. He's the wealthiest man on Youtube. Mark's channel, Mark of the Best, is a global phenomenon. He has his own line of snack cakes called Bestables, and his own BRIX clothing line. 

Mark's "content" usually involves some kind of stunt or challenge given to a person off of the street. If they complete it, Mark gives them large sums of money and merchandise. He's considered "the messiah of youtube" and his reasons for wanting to join The Judas Society are unknown.

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