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Created by RJ Walker

Sandra Sloan played by Autumn Nelson

Jared Arnet and Daryl Sanderson played by RJ Walker

All Hail The Cube

Data Review

Welcome! It is customary that new agents review their own data as their first project. Below you will find the dossier we have compiled on you.  Please review it and correct any errors in the data. 

As THE CUBE wills it!

You will also need to enter your login to access Cipher Key #3. The Cipher Key is required to access further, more classified information. 

Dossier Packet: Sandra Sloan

The following dossier packet contains  Information Hazards up to Class 3. By accesssing, you agree that you will not hold the agency or affiliates responsible for damages incurred: psychic, physical, spiritual, or otherwise. 

If this is not your Dossier, review it for errors anyway. THE CUBE has willed it.

If you are not a member of the Agency, you may have received access to this database in error. If you suspect this has happened to you, rest assured that this is only a game. You really shouldn't believe everything on the internet. You probably have better things you should be doing with your time, like going to work, doing household chores, or falling in and out of love with your helpless Sisyphus boulder  of a heart. You have been warned.

Agree and Access Dossier

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