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Become SLC's Best Cryptid Hunter

Follow the clues. Decode the city. Slay the monster.

It all comes down to this. 5 generations of monster hunters have collected information and now it's up to you. Unravel the mystery, find the Beast's lair, and break its cycle of killing.

Arm yourself with a physical copy of the game book at Urban Arts Gallery

The Hunt Ends October 31st

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Arnold Gray: Cryptid Hunter

My Family's Legacy


To whomever may find these files:

If you are reading this, it is because I am either dead or perhaps captured. It means I was unable to refresh the timed lock on all my notes and information. I found this to be necessary having no heirs to carry on my legacy.  I will give you a brief introduction and family history, though there is so much more that can be said which I am not at liberty to disclose in the event I am still alive. I have put the artifacts and discoveries of my family's quest to hunt the beast on display at the Urban Arts Gallery. If this is going to end, I'm going to need your help. I'm releasing everything on October 1st 2020.

Image by Branimir Balogović

The Book of the Beast

The journal of my forebears which details their efforts in Hunting the Beast

DWP was the first to hunt The Beast. These are his journal entries from 1835-1838


OJP's Entries from 1855-1887. A journey to find his heritage leads him to madness and tragedy in the jaws of The Beast


He went chasing the Devil,
and ran right into him.

Orrin J Patten

A Continuing Legacy

More entries in The Book of the Beast


APG's entries 2010-2020

I'm the last of my line, and I need your help to stop a monster.

ALG's entries 1983-1995

A Doctor of Anthropology is determined to fulfill her family's legacy

LEG's entries 1946-1958

An old woman finds a dark secret

EPG's Entries: 1887-1910

A Girl's search for her father leads her to a monster.

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