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What We Do

Live Action, Interactive Mystery Adventures

Decode The City will turn your city, neighborhood, or home into an interactive adventure. These kinds of games are called Alternate Reality Games. You’re probably familiar with role playing games (RPG) like Dungeons and Dragons. In a role playing game, the players assume the role of a fictional character. They make believe a new identity for themselves and they typically have a game master or game system that creates a world, story, and gameplay elements for the players to interact with as their characters. Unlike an RPG, an alternate reality game (ARG) doesn’t require it’s players to assume a character. In an ARG, the world is roleplaying around you, rather than you roleplaying around the world.

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Home/Office Murder Mystery Games

A custom game for you and those closest to you.

Get wrapped up in an Agatha Christie-style mystery at home or at the office. Games can include elements like Social Deduction (a player is secretly the killer) or a live game master to help facilitate gameplay. 

Perhaps your house is haunted, and it's up to you to solve an old cold case to put the spirits to rest. 

Perhaps your work building was formerly a government black site to research extraterrestrials, and some of the experiments never left. 

Whatever the story you'd like to play, fun is guaranteed. These games require everyone to work together to solve, bringing families closer, and exercising communication among co-workers.

City Wide Adventures

Socially distant, play at your own pace, perfect for large groups of people

These games can be available to play within the span of a month. Games take place on public lands, such as parks and monuments. Players must use urban exploration and work together to solve these mysteries. 

These games are perfect for large corporate groups, groups that work together remotely, and students. 

Custom games are available on commission. Keep an eye out for limited time events open to the public


Gender Concealment Party

No Gender Shall be Found

A short mystery package intended to conceal the gender of an individual, Born, Unborn, or Dead. 

As the family gathers to learn what gender the targeted individual might be, they must face puzzles and uncover secrets which will only lead to more secrets. The more of the mystery they unravel, the closer they get to madness. 

DIY designs, as well as Mailed Packages are available. Email for a quote.

*No pyrotechnics shall be used.*

**Actual gender may vary, as it is a cultural construct which is subject to change.**

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