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It’s been two years since we left Happyton on our expedition into Dreamscapes. The color stealing anomaly appears to be much more than we thought, and it appears to be spreading. It doesn’t just “steal color” it feeds on oneirogenic frequencies. This results in the consumed part of dreamscapes losing its color and sound, but also its energy and in some cases, its existence. In fact, it's as if the anomaly makes the object appear as though it was never part of Dreamscapes. Halloway seems to think it’s some kind of monster, but I have a different theory. Imagine you were gifted your grandfather’s axe and you were chopping wood when the handle breaks. You get a new handle. Then you’re chopping wood again, and the head chips so you replace the head. Is it then, still, your grandfather's axe. The answer would be yes because of the metaphysics of the axe. The non physical parts of it remain, the memory of your grandfather, how you feel when you look at it, the story of receiving the axe, all of these things are the non-physical parts of the axe. I believe the anomaly consumes the non-physical parts of things. Or, perhaps the anomaly doesn’t eat those things, maybe it is simply the absence of those things. The meaning and magic associated with them dwindles away. If that’s the case, how is it spreading? I’ve got a follow up appointment with Sgt. Locke who is affected by this “dwindling” anomaly. Perhaps I can learn more.

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