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ALG's Entries 1983-1995

This are the entries my mother left in the book. She was always eclectic and relied heavily on research assistants and students to keep her notes straight. I'm guessing there are also some audio logs and maybe some long lost computer files with more information. I've been searching for over a decade and I haven't found too much. I feel like I'm getting close, though. I found the trailer in Southern Utah where she was doing field work, and inside was an old Windows computer. I've been trying to get the information off of it, but it's a total dinosaur.



Well, Elmer did do one thing right. He died. I didn't get the chest until years after mom died. I never got the key either, so I had to break the lock. I'm a doctor of anthropology. I've dedicated my life to the study of past cultures. So, yeah, if anybody is going to crack this one, it's me.

I actually had my suspicions about The Beast before finding all of this. I actually thought mormons were practicing ritual human sacrifice. Glad I didn't publish that paper. It feels like this was a puzzle piece that was always missing from me. The thing I was meant to do. I've signed my name in the book.

Arnold's Note: Maybe this calling to hunt the beast is the curse DWP was told of so long ago.




Lots of dead ends at the University. Burned Books being referenced. Newspapers publishing retractions. There's nothing left to learn here. I'm leaving to pursue this from a different angle. No Gods or Demons or Monsters. I'm starting over and doing it scientifically.

Arnold's Note: Shortly after that date, she disappeared. Her next entry in the book is dated October 2009 and reads "In the event of my death" followed by a cypher. I figured out that it is a sort of "book cypher" that pulls letters out of an existing block of text. My problem is that I don't know what that existing block of text is or where to find it. I have a key, but I don't have the lock it fits in. I'll be publishing the cypher and whatever leads I have on solving it on OCTOBER 1ST 2020. If that happens, it probably means I'm dead and my current plan to stop the beast has failed.

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