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LEG's Entries 1946-1958

LEG didn't get the Book of the Beast until she was already old and retired. She was my grandmother but I never really knew her. She had my mom later in her life than normal, too. I'm guessing she used the typewriter instead of handwriting because of arthritis. Makes it easier for me, as I won't have to transcribe typed text to typed text.

Amanda's Note: Not much for handwriting. Arthritis in these late years.

Amanda's Note: If she thought it wasn't real, why write this? To be in on the joke? That is very much like her.

Arnold's Note: Grandma L lived through a lot.


Amanda's Note: They Know

Amanda's Note: Why cover it up after all these years and victims? Are they protecting it?

Arnold's Note: This is speculation, but what if Brigham Young had made a deal with the Beast? When tensions were rising between the mormons and federal government, the federal troops were trapped in a snowstorm in Wyoming. Something delayed their march west and put them right into a harsh winter. If they hadn't been delayed, the mormons would have been obliterated. Was the Beast somehow responsible for this? I have no evidence, but it does make more sense as to why the Church would be protecting the beast. They have to hold up their end of the bargain.

Amanda's Note: One month and one day before death

Amanda's Note: Where? Magic?

Amanda's Note: Love you too mom

Arnold's Note: On the back of this entry, LEG left a cypher. Where the cypher is used or what it says, I don't know. I'm positive my mother figured it out, though. If only I could find her. I'll be putting the cypher into the collection that is to be published in the event of my death. I can't risk the information leaking to the people that are covering up the information. When it goes out, it'll go out to everyone all at once. OCTOBER 1ST 2020

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