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The Book of the Beast: Introduction

My name is Arnold Gray, and what you're looking at is a family record dating back to 1835. For generations my family has been charged with the sacred duty of eliminating threats of the supernatural from the Salt Lake Valley. A long time ago, my Great Great Great grandfather encountered a creature like nothing he’d ever seen. It walked on two legs like a man, was hairy like a bear, and even spoke like a man. He believed the creature to be Cain, cursed to wander the earth and corrupt the hearts of men. Upon hearing this report, the prophet appointed David Patten, my Great Great Great Grandfather to form the Council of Rebuke, whose goal was to banish the forces of darkness and evil. Shortly after, he fell in battle against such forces. His legacy remains and my ancestors have been continuing his fight to this day.

All relevant information about The Beast or any meaningful progress made in the creatures destruction is recorded in this book. Those of us who hunt The Beast have made a blood covenant not to rest until The Beast is destroyed. In this way, we continue the original mission of the Council of Rebuke, even if they were officially disbanded. I guess you could say that it's a secret society so secret that it doesn't even know if it exists. If you've made it far enough to read the book, welcome to the Council. You don't have to sign your name in blood or anything. If you do, I recommend mixing the blood with alcohol of some kind.

Going through the book, you can see the notes left by my mother, Amanda Gray. She always uses a #2 pencil so that she can erase any incorrect information to narrow down her search. My grandmother used a typewriter, likely because it was easier on her arthritis. Her letters are tucked into an envelope. As for my entries and notes, they're all right here in my blog. I'll be transcribing the book for you to read as a series of blog entries, along with my thoughts and notes.

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