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OJP's entries 1855-1887

OJP is the second person to sign The Book of the Beast. What started as a search for his heritage led him down a dark path of obsession and vengeance. He does not seem to be particularly well educated, but is able to read and write with some ability. DWP's widowed wife split from the church after his death and re-married. One can imagine she felt quite disillusioned with the whole mormon business, given the tragedy it brought her.


Jan 5th 1855

Some things you just know. Not in knowing as in learning, but knowing as in carrying something with you. A truth so true it sticks to you like glue. Or a ghost. It's been 14 years since mamma died of consumption. Just before, she gave me this notebook. Said it was my father's. My real father. A man named David Patten. Said I never knew about him on account of him being some big shot mormon.

She said mormons was being exterminated and it was all my father's fault for causing trouble with the state militia men. Said he was chasing the devil, and ran right into him. When she gave me this book, she begged me not to do the same. I never even read it unitl today. Some things you just know. I knew there was something I needed to do, and it had to do with this book. I'm going to find the mormons.

I heare they're out west. I'll start by tracking down some missionaries. Tell them I want to convert. If I find my people, I can know who my father truly was. As of today, my name is Orrin Joseph Patten.

Arnold's Note: Poor grammar, likely home schooled. How many young men dream that they are somehow part of something greater? Maybe that's the reason I'm here.




Took me near a decade, but I finally arrived in Zion. The city of mormons. Turns out my father was a real hero. A martyr. Not the devil chaser my mamma said he was. None of the seemed to know anything about the beast. Some of them even laughed when I told them the story. Maybe my father was crazed.




Today I met the Prophet Himself! Brigham Young! He said he was so glad to see me and even more glad I found my faith! He offered me a parcel of land and said he'd approve up to 5 wives. I said I was fine with just one. Even if more wives meant extra land. He told me that whoever the lucky lady would be, I would have his endorsement.

Arnold's Note: Polygamy was usually extended only to high ranking mormons. Brigham Young would personally approve all marriages and would use wives as a way to show favor for diligent allies. By only allowing his most loyal followers to practice polygamy, he ensured that the most faithful would always outnumber the least faithful in the generations to come. Loyalty through birth. Why so quickly offer wives and land to OJP? Was it some kind of bribe to secure unquestioning loyalty?

of course, I accepted. Ladies will be lining up when they hear I got an endorsement from the Prophet. I already have one in mind, but that is going in a different journal.

I asked the prophet about The Beast and he started acting strange. He got real quiet. He put a firm hand on my shoulder and said "Son, don't talk about such things. Your father's legacy ought to be one of glory, not monsters."

Something about the way he said it scared me. So, I guess I'll just keep all that locked away in this journal. Best to listen to what mamma told me. Don't go chasing the devil.



27.OCT. 1872

I have drawn my blood and made the covenant. The covenant of my father. Not a day shall pass that my soul shall cease in hunting the Beast. One this day (scribbled out) The Beast took my beloved wife from me. I don't care if it is Cain or the devil himself. I will kill the thing.

It tore her to pieces.Took her head. Our daughter, Edith, said she saw it. Like a great wolf that walked on two legs but had a face like a man. She said ti was a dead man's face. I will go to the prophet and tell him to organize the Council of Rebuke. I will have justice for Amanda, and Edith, too. I so swear on my blood in the name of Jesus Christ.

Amanda's Note: What was this brown ink made from?

Arnold's Note: I'm guessing OJP used cedar bark and some kind of animal blood. It has a particular odor that has led me to this conclusion.




Apostasy! I was accused of apostasy! Brigham Young told me to go to my bishop and repent for spreading falsehoods Blasphemies. He threatened to excommunicate me! To void the seal on my marriage! What God would appoint a man like that? He knows the Beast is real, yet he denies it. Claims a bear killed my wife.

Amanda's Note: Why attempt to discredit him?

Arnold's Note: It does seem like Brigham Young knew about the Beast and was covering it up. Bribing OJP with wives and land, then accusing him of Apostasy which could be punishable by death under the Blood Atonement. If he couldn't buy OJP's silence, he would use violence and slander. But why cover it up? What does Brigham Young have to gain?

It was no bear! Bears do not steal heads! I will leave Edith in the care of my neighbor. I will go to Chief Tabby and ask the Ute for help. It is clear none is coming from this so-called Zion.




A guard asked if I was there to trade. I said I was there to speak with Cheif Tabby to Quana, and about The Beast with a dead man's face.

Amanda's Note: Leader of the Timpanogos Tabby-To-Kwanah

Arnold's Note: Tabby-To-Kwanah led the Timpanogos as they were displaced onto a reservation. Brigham Young ordered an extermination of his people (ironic, considering the mormons also fled an extermination order.) Needless to say, this is not the kind of man you just walk up and talk to. Especially if you're affiliated with the mormons.

Before I could say anything further, he began shouting and everyone began throwing stones at me. Whatever I had to say, they would not hear it. I must hunt the beast on my own. Edith, forgive me.

Amanda's Note: Unsurprising. Tensions were high at the time.

Arnold's note: "Tensions were high" is putting it mildly. I would have probably thrown rocks at OJP too after everything the mormons did to the Utah natives.




Lived in the woods for a long time. Don't know what day it is. Saw a tree fall. Saw a bear torn apart. Must be the Beast did it. Found a medicine man. Taught me spells. Supposed to keep me safe (scribbled out) attract the Beast. Not sure if they work.



??? 5 year?

Saw Edith Getting Married. Boy looks nice. Beast killed a traveler.

One of them Headed to California men. Missing heart. Someone saw me searching the area. Shouted Mormon Madman. Guess that's what they calling me.

Amanda's Note: He's really losing it

Arnold's Note: Living alone as a hermit in the woods is breaking down his ability to use language. His diet and lifestyle probably didn't help. It is interesting that a "medicine man" would deign to help him. Maybe he distanced himself from the mormons enough.



Fall ?

Found Beast lair. Going to fight. I have a rifle and spell of protection. Leaving book for Edith. I wish I was a better father. I love you. Tonight the monster dies. No more nightmares.

Arnold's Note: Needless to say, OJP failed to kill the beast. However, in his attempt, he may have found the key to defeating the monster once and for all.

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